Adam Silver

Adam Silver is a native of Southern California, and is a serial entrepreneur. He currently provides WordPress development and support services through ConciergeWP.com, produces two weekly podcasts at KitchenSinkWP.com and The GetOptionsPodcast.com and runs the SouthBay WordPress Meetup. Additionally, he was and is the lead organizer for WordCamp Los Angeles 2016 & 2017. In his free time, he speaks at industry events sharing his insights & expertise into all things digital. Has been married for 18 years to his amazing wife and has 3 wickedly cool kids.

Andrew Behla

Andrew Behla is founder of Behla Design, Graphic Design & Web Development. He has worked in the graphic design, web development, and print design for over twenty years and he has shared his industry knowledge as a teacher at Santa Monica College and UCLA Extension where he was named Outstanding Instructor of the Year.

Andrew Wilder

Andrew Wilder has been building, fixing, and maintaining websites since 1998. He now provides WordPress maintenance and support services with an emphasis on site speed and security… You know, all the un-sexy stuff that keeps sites running smoothly. This is his first time speaking at WordCamp, and he’s looking forward to helping you speed up your site without touching a single line of code!

Arsen Rabinovich

Arsen Rabinovich is the founder of TopHatRank LLC., a Search & Social Marketing Agency. He’s a husband, father to one human, and 4 animals, supreme leader, and is a big giant head.

Austin Gil

Austin Gil is a professional web developer from San Diego, CA.

Devin Walker

Devin Walker is the founder of WordImpress, the creator of GiveWP, a WordPress enthusiast, a WordCamp speaker, a mediocre golfer, a post-rock obsessed cat lover, and an aspiring world traveler.

Dwayne McDaniel

Dwayne McDaniel works in tech and “does” improv.

Ericka Koyama

Ericka Koyama is a software engineer at Ayzenberg Group in Pasadena. In her free time she is a ukulele enthusiast, avid science fiction reader, and gamer of all types.

Erik Osterman

Erik Osterman is the CEO/Founder and founder of Cloud Posse, a master of automation, kubernetes and all things cloud. Formerly, he was Director of Cloud Architecture, CBS Interactive.

Glenn Zucman

Glenn Zucman is an artist and arts educator from Los Angles.

Irene Donnell

Irene Donnell, from P5 Marketing, builds small businesses and agencies into rocket ships, donates WordPress sites for horse and dog rescues and helps raise awareness for the little ones and teens in orphanages in Baja, Mexico.

Jansen Henschel

I am an 11 year old homeschooled programmer. I code in HTML, CSS, Javascript, C#, Ruby, Rails, Python, and WordPress.

Jarrett Gucci

Jarrett Gucci comes from a retail background that started at Home Depot in Buffalo NY as cashier and 18 months later was asked to be a project manager based out of Carson California with a goal of opening 12 stores in 14 months. This goal was accomplished. He has also been an area manager at Big Lots and Bed Bath and beyond. He left his very last retail career as a district manager at Linens & Things in 2007 to pursue a hobby of website development as hope he could make some money doing it. After 4 years of building and managing WordPress sites, he founded a company called WP Fix It and since 2011 his company has serviced over 48,000 WordPress support tickets. Something you may not know about Jarrett besides all this, is that when he was 15 his neighbor gave him a 1962 dodge dart and he completely took it apart and rebuilt it.

Jennifer McMillan

Your brand is more than a logo & I’m here to show you why.

Joe Chellman

Joe Chellman is a web developer, drummer, and enthusiast. He has authored many JavaScript courses on  and a WordPress plugin course with .

Joseph Abraham

Joseph Abraham is the founder of Techie Design, WordPress web designer, and developer with 15 years experience.

Josh Pollock

Josh is a WordPress developer and educator. He is Founder/ Lead Developer/ Space Astronaut Grade 3 for Caldera Labs, makers of awesome WordPress tools including Caldera Forms — a drag and drop, responsive WordPress form builder.

Also, he is a WordPress core contributor, the author of two books about WordPress development and a member of The WPCrowd.

Keanan Koppenhaver

Keanan Koppenhaver is the lead developer at How-To Geek, a conference speaker, and in his spare-time, a Laravel junkie.

Kitty Lusby

Kitty Lusby is a blogger, trainer, entrepreneur, and revolutionary.

Kyle Maurer

Kyle Maurer plays lead Guitar for Easy Digital Downloads, organizes WordCamp Ann Arbor & WordCamp Jackson organizer, plays music, loves local beer, is a Godfather, and is a self-taught blogger.

Lisa Ghisolf

Lisa Ghisolf is Gizmo Creative Factory, with 20 years in print, web & email design, and 14 years in business. She’s worked with big and small companies, publications and organizations alike, creating print and digital for Kraft, the National Retail Foundation, Bridgestone, the National Safety Council & many others. Aside from putting out fires, she has designed and built robust WordPress sites since 2008, starting nostalgically with HTML back in 1996. Lisa also offers training and maintenance and likes to work as a technology and design partner to her clients.

Matt Cromwell

Matt is Head of Support and Community Outreach at GiveWP.com and WordImpress.com. He is the author of several popular free plugins, the Lead Organizer of the Advanced WordPress San Diego Meetup and AWP Facebook group (which boasts over 28K members) and a WordPress Community Consultant for Media Temple. He’s a popular blogger at his personal site mattcromwell.com, wordimpress.com, givewp.com, and mediatemple.net.

Nile Flores

Nile Flores is a long time WordPress designer and Developer. While she grew up a military brat, she’s settled in the St. Louis metro east region. Nile blogs at <a href=”https://blondish.net“>Blondish.net</a>, where she covers topics on WordPress, Blogging, SEO, Social Media, and Web Design. Nile also works as an Infection Cleanup Specialist at <a href=”https://wpfixit.com”>WP Fix It</a>.

She also loves contributing to WordPress, and that includes speaking at WordCamps across the United States. She loves helping people and supporting Open Source projects.

Nile founded and runs a 9,000 member Facebook group dedicated to helping WordPressers, called <a href=”https://facebook.com/groups/AllAboutWP“>All About WordPress</a>. When Nile isn’t knee deep in coding and design, she’s spending time with her son, who is also a WordPress user.

Raquel Landefeld

Raquel Landefeld is a professional cartwheeler with a young soul. In 2010 she co-founded Mode Effect a Phoenix-based WordPress agency. Intentional about community building, she believes that wherever her feet are is where the building happens. She is currently active in several communities from tech to government to neighborhoods and more.

On the personal side of her life she is a wife & mum, dancer, music lover, an amateur photographer, and has a 20-year-curated Wonder Woman collection.

Scott Buscemi

Scott Buscemi is the Founder and Lead Web Strategist at Lumen Foundry.

Scott Stewart

Scott Stewart is a WordPress developer who enjoys building websites from scratch using the Sage stater theme by Roots. In his free time, he loves a good iced coffee and the San Diego sunshine.

Shawn Hooper

Shawn Hooper Director of IT at Actionable, a conference speaker, a teacher, a Co-Organizer of WordCamp Ottawa, and a Remote Worker.